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Hi, I'm Jeremy Jacobus and I'm currently in the process of Hiking 1000 different Trails in 1000 consecutive Days.  I began this adventure in November of 2010 and I'm still going strong.  I keep track of all my hikes at http://www.calihike.blogspot.com/ 

Escaping the havoc of daily life in these tranquil environments has inspired me to appreciate all that life has to offer.  There are so many individual stories that need to be shared and rewarded for their charisma.  Finally, rather than scripting yet another award show to recognize those Hollywood icons, my goal is to present the Silver Honors to everyone who is deserving.

Originally, I began offering Hiking Trading Cards as a novelty item to help raise money for the Pacific Harbor Seals in Carpenteria California.  I've visited the sanctuary approximately 10 times over the last two years and my favorite postings are: Day 84: Carpinteria Bluffs and Day 111: Harbor Seals by way of Carpenteria City Beach.  If you key enter Harbor Seals in my blog you may view many additional postings about these seals.

I developed SilverHonors.com with the intent to identify and reward amazing people achieving their goals!  In society, the elite are rewarded and then awarded again and again.  Life is nothing more than a giant popularity contest and this is true for Politics, Hollywood, Corporate America and High School.  I suppose the Silver Honors may be perceived as another popularity contest yet the goal is to award ordinary people recognition for their efforts. 

Silver Honor winners will be displayed on our website to highlight their achievements.   They will be rewarded with a quality trading card and the public will have the opportunity to vote and their favorite.  Over time, the value of the cards should increase in value because of the Guarantee Buy Back Program that I have implemented.

Silverhonors.com will be Forever Expanding.  Beyond simply offering Trading Cards on this site, additional products to commemorate the winners will be offered.  We anticipate creating a monthly webisode and hope to transition it to a major television network.  The goal is to create a monthly award show where the Silver Honors Winners will receive a cash prize of $10,000.  Then at the end of the year all of the Silver Honors Winners will be entered to win the $100,000 Grand Prize!

We’ll also be creating a news letter which will later integrate to the Silver Honors Magazine.  Eventually we plan on opening a Silver Honors Hall of Fame in Southern California.  The opportunities are limitless and I am very excited to share these stories with the world!

Any and all achievements will be considered.  Have you had a lifelong teaching career?  Your Legacy could be awarded for the Teacher of the Year Award.  Are you a Peace officer or Firefighter?  Don’t be reluctant to enter because we appreciate and honor your service.  Did you play college or even high school sports but never made it to the show?  We want know about that game that you will share with your grandchildren.  Are you currently competing and remain hopeful that one day you may become a star?  In our eyes you are a winner!  There is such a broad subject base from Sports to Science, even Politics.  Whatever it is that you are doing or have done, your passion should be shared with the world to inspire others.  I encourage you to fill out the Nomination Form to enter yourself or group as a possible candidate. 

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