Silver Honors Nomination and Earn Cash

Why live in the shadow of your life?  Inspire others by sharing your excitement and achievements!

To nominate yourself as a candidate for consideration to win the Silver Honor simply click on Nomination Form!   If you are chosen as a winner, the photo that you are including will be used to create the next Silver Honors Trading Card.  You will have the option to add a second image to the back of the card.  If you win the Silver Honors, we will contact prior to the production of your card.

Please review the terms and conditions on the Nomination Form to learn how easy it is to Earn Cash.  We are in the preliminary stages of forming this company and anticipate that our first year winners of the Silver Honors will benefit greatly in the years ahead.  Please review the About Us section for our long term objectives.  Also review the Guaranteed Buy Back (GBB) Program section to learn how your card may increase in value.

If you are a Silver Honor Winner and have earned at least $10.00 from the sales of Cards or other Products you may click the form below to request a check.  If you are unsure of what your balance is or did not receive a monthly email with the updated balance, please Contact Us by phone or email.


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