Guaranteed Buy Back (GBB) Program

Determining the Value of each Card
When a new Silver Honors Trading Card is awarded, $162.50 will be immediately added to the GBB Bank.  This represents 65% of the $2.50 retail price of 100 cards for next month's undetermined Silver Honors Winner.  This amount is guaranteed regardless of how many pre order sales were made at a discounted price or how many cards actually sell.

The product line for printing cards will remain open for at least six months.  If demand requires additional prints of any specific card, 65% of the original $2.50 retail price of the card will be added to the GBB Bank.  Once the production line is considered "closed", the printing of that card will cease entirely.  This will help secure the long term value of the card. 

In addition, 3% of all gross revenues generated from online advertising & sales in conjunction with will be added to the (GBB) Bank.  All Merchandise Sales will participate in the Silver Honors Profit Sharing Plan.  This means that if one Card is the source for 80% of the revenue, all cards will benefit from these sales equally.  (Note: Pursuant to the terms and conditions on the Nomination Form, the card owner will also receive compensation for all direct sales).

The combination of the GBB monies and the Profit Sharing Plan will be combined to equal the total GBB Bank.  The money will then be allocated into three categories:

Guaranteed Buy Back
The Silver Honors Trading Cards are available for sale on this website.  Based on the GBB Program, the value of these cards should increase over time.  At we will always Buy Back any Silver Honors trading card at anytime at the GBB price.  Buying back a Silver Honors card will not decrease the value of the card or the GBB Bank.  Based on the way the program was designed, the GBB Bank will Never Lose Value.  The GBB Bank will Always Increase in Value with each new production and/or revenue stream.  If you are holding a card and ready to sell it back now, please click on the GBB Form below.  If you are interested in investing in one of these cards now, please see our Buy & Sell Page.

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