David Beckham

Silver Honors Nominee:
David Beckham

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In April of 2011 I attended my first professional soccer game since the Cleveland Force played back in the 1980's.  The star for the L.A. Galaxy is David Beckham so I took a close up pic of him.  I had no idea he had a hold of it :)!  Classic huh?

For the record, the Galaxy beat Portland by a score of 3-0.  When I started silverhonors.com (earlier this week) my intention was to share stories of incredible individuals.  While that is still my goal, I couldn't help but nominate David Beckham.  Yes, David is way over qualified to win the Silver Honors but when you catch him in this pose, he fits right in.  If you want this to be your next Silver Honors Card then please vote.  Otherwise, please fill out a Nomination Form and I will revoke David's entry.

The following video highlight is of Landon Donovan scoring a goal in the same game:

New Pictures added from Father's Day 2012:


Nomination Date 05/16/2012


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