Silver Honors Nominee:

Link: www.reverbnation.com/raiin
Link: www.facebook.com/Dyvineent3

Pop sensation RAIIN giving off positive energy, getting
People energized the natural way through singing and dancing putting you in a zone.
RAIIN got that new school swag, with that old school Donna Summers flow, Aretha Franklin power house like vocals making love to your soul. Inspirational lyrics that can give you that Uhmpf to keep going on. If motivation is what you want then RAIIN’s TSUNAMI will give you all the motivation you need. After the RAIIN comes the sunshine..



05/28/2012 Xabyte writes, "Spreading positive vibes and so much love through her music. Torrential Raiins and Tsunami like conditions predicted.....Positive energy for everyone...."

Nomination Date: 05/27/2012


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