Cliff Couser "Twin Tyson"

Silver Honors Nominee:
Clifford Couser

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Nicknamed “Black Bull” and “Twin Tyson”, Cliff Couser claims to be the half-brother of Iron Mike Tyson.  In 1997 Cliff played the part of Mike Tyson in the Don King HBO Move: Only In America.  Born in 1971, Cliff Eugene Couser is a professional Heavyweight and has fought in 52 bouts.

Wins:                     26
Wins by KO:         14                                                                
Losses:                 22
Draws:                    2
No contests:           2

It’s worth noting that in the height of his career his professional record was 16-3-2.  However, over the last five years he lost 10 consecutive fights.


Nomination Date: 06/21/2012

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