Card#20120003: Day 152 ~ Green Sand Beach

Green Sand Beach

Top Rated Hike in Hawai'i!

Link: Day 152: Green Sand Beach

In 2010, my wife and I appeared on the Newly Wed Game and WON a vacation to Hawaii.  At South Point, the southern most point of the United States, we trekked across the land to reach the green cinder cone.  Yes, it is actually Green Sand formed from the mineral olivine.  The locals call this hike the "Death March".  Temperatures commonly approach 100 degrees down here which is quite high because most of Hawaii averages in the low to mid 80's year round.  Additionally, winds have been known to gust near gale force and when the sun goes down, the absolute darkness will strand party goers if they did not bring a flashlight.  Warning, the force of the waves may pull you under or out to sea.  This is not a good hike for young kids but it was my favorite spot on the island!

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